We offer a wide array of advertising services for your business.  From brochure design, to content creation, TexCal has you covered.


Digital & Print Services 

Advertising your goods and services is our number one goal.  Positive, creative marketing footprints create the paths to greatness, and we aim to create your sidewalk to success.  Our digital and print advertising services include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional brochure, banner and business card design

  • Creative content creation & editing

  • Affordable production resources

All of TexCal's advertising design services come with the availability of e-brochure capabilities, making it impossible for your business to be overlooked on the web.

Web Design

Modern websites are all the rage to gaining the modern client's attention.  If you don't have an appealing, user-friendly website, chances are, the client will move on.


Web Design

Whether you're marketing to a millennial or an older generation, your website needs to be easy-to-use, functional, and appealing to every age.  With experience designing and creating content for a wide variety of clients, TexCal has the eye for detail you need to stand out on the web.  Our web design services include:

  • Free quote and consultation; know what you will pay upfront - no secrets at launch

  • Open source template creation; the sky is the limit

  • Guidance - not everyone knows what they want in a website, they just know they don't like their current situation; our designer will help push you in the right direction

  • A modern eye - like our website?  Yours could be modern, user-friendly, and eye-catching, too!

  • Open-door drafting; our web-designer will create a live link during your site's construction, so you can see updates in real time while it is being built

  • Monthly maintenance plans for general upkeep and editing; get the phone number to a real person, not a monopolized company, to make edits to your site in a timely manner

  • In-house IT help - if you need help navigating your current website to a new domain, our IT guru is in your corner!

Social Media

Running a business is a full time job, but reaching out to the public is an essential key to getting a name out.  Let us help you advertise to your local town to gain positive reviews, interactions, and steady clientele.


Let Us Be Social for You

Word of mouth advertising has an incredible impact, but it has to start somewhere.  Let us help you create a social media and public outreach plan for your business.  Our services include:

  • Social Media Management - page management, post creation, and customer interaction supervision

  • Public Outreach - let us do the research for you to find local adverting opportunities in newspapers, high school gymnasiums, magazines and more


Let's be honest, you need those little gadgets, pens, and stress balls to keep around - why not make sure they are consistent with your brand?  Let us design collateral for your business, and you're sure to stand out at your next trade show or conference.


Giveaways & Branding

At some point, every business, big or small, needs things to give away to their potential or current clients.  Small batches of appreciation go a long way in this world, and sometimes that is all it takes to be remembered.  TexCal has access to an infinite amount of collateral items like pens, post-its, t-shirts, stress balls, and much more.  All of these items are the lowest prices you will find on the market because TexCal has an incredible relationship with a marketing vendor.  We promise you the best prices in town for your marketing swag.  Let us do the work for you to find the lowest price, and we'll even design, order, and ship it right to you.  It's that simple.

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